An Old Friend Returns

Meeting up with an old friend is always enjoyable. Having that one person you can literally tell everything to is everyone’s secret wish. Lucky for me, there is one person who listens to all my crazy dreams and ridiculous ideas. He never judges, in fact he encourages some of it. Always telling me to follow that tug, to follow those dreams and to create new memories and long lasting friends whilst out and about on the crazy journey. This friend happens to be my ex. Being friends with an ex is always hit and miss, something found unbelievably weird but for me having him as a friend is the best thing to come from our relationship. He means the world to me, inspires me to find what it is that’s pulling me, what the tug means. To go out of my comfort zone and experience life to its fullest.

We met up the other day, after over a year of not seeing each other, it was pure bliss to sit next to him and have a conversation about his time in Belize, my spontaneous last minute trip to Australia. The bad and good that’s happened to us since we last saw each other. We discussed our love life, what we’re running away from or towards, what we want to happen in our lives and whom we want in our lives. Most importantly we sat there, in the comfort of each others presence in pure silence. For a brief moment it felt to me as if anything could happen and it’d all be fine because he was there with me. For the first time in forever he was there, listening, caring, taking in my appearance, noticing what’s changed, embracing everything that I threw at him. This is the friendship that is wanted by so many and is held in the palm of my hands. I’m truly blessed to have this person as part of my life.

He’s the person who’s inspired me to pursue the journey that’s about to happen. As much as it shouldn’t be said, there’s a big part of me that is in love with him, for reasons beyond my knowing.

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