The Beginning of the Beginning

After a dispute with work at the beginning of this year, a spur of the moment thing occurred. Google became my hunting ground. My keyboard became a constant taping zone, for the next couple of days my fingers were glued to it, typing away to find an escape.

In all the typing and tapping, eventually Google presented me with a plan. This plan being so unplanned that my mother was infuriated with me. A plan that would finally kick start my globetrotting; giving that boost of self-confidence that was so dearly needed. It got to the point where you just get so sick and tired of people putting down your dreams and ideas that in the heat of the moment you honestly just think “why not?”. So in this moment, applying to be an Au Pair (domestic assistant) was so easy for me. It was set in my mind that this is the time to take charge of my life, take charge of all the dreams and crazy ideas that are swirling around in my brain. This is the time to jump feet first into an adventure that has been dreamed about time and time again. An hour was spent putting together a bio about myself.  It’s never easy when one has to write about themselves.  With the bio out of the way all that was left to do was message families.  Finding families that speak out to you is time consuming but so worth it. Within a matter of hours three families had replied back positively, two of which will have me staying for 6 months at a time. The journey had finally begun.

Google became a constant view on my laptop, trying to find out what it was that was needed to actually make this happen, how much the visa would cost, the flight, travel insurance and whether or not it could actually be funded? To my parent’s dismay, it couldn’t be done.  Luckily enough my father has loaned me the money. Visa $444, flight £408 for a one way flight to Australia! Everything was coming together or so it was thought.

Just as everything seemed like it was picking up, the visa being sorted within half an hour of applying, the flight being all booked, actually having somewhere to stay without worrying how much it would cost. It seemed as if in those moments nothing could actually go wrong, that was until work decided to let me go, and the council finally got their arses in gear and sent me a bill for council tax.  This had set me back; having no income is never easy especially when you have plans that are as big as moving to Australia to travel and bills that need paying off before you go.

Having thoughts run through your head about not being able to go through with the commitments you have arranged due to not having any income is one of the most unpleasant feelings ever.  The dread of having to tell these two families that the person they are counting on can longer be counted on is beyond words.  The thought of telling people you are no longer going due to not being able to fund it would just make everyone’s day, some would have that look on their faces as if to say ‘ we told you so’ otherwise would show sympathy but would be secretly thinking to themselves ‘ we knew she couldn’t do it’.

Now is the time to take control of my own life, starting with moving back in with the parents. This in itself is never satisfying; no one wants to have to move back into their parents especially when they have gotten used to living by themselves for so long.  But that’s what parents are for right? To be there when you most need them, so with my life now in my hands, the next step was to get a job that would be ok having me for just over a month. Fortuitously an old boss of mine was more than happy to have me back even if just for a little while. Finally once again everything is back in my court.

The lesson that has been taken from all of this is to always make sure that there is a plan. Doing things spontaneously is great until things decide to slap you back in the face; fortunately everything has worked out in my favour but this may not always be the case. It’s worked out the way it has due to sheer luck, but luck has a funny way of running out.

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