Rough around the Edges

There are 29 days left until I fly out to Australia. People always think the journey starts as soon as you get on that plane, the thing is; it’s starts as soon as you decide to go.  There are a few out there who don’t need to worry about money (which is great) but in my case money has been an issue.  Before going to Australia was decided, there were months after months where paying of my rent seemed impossible.  Not only could the rent not be paid but buying food and toiletries was also out of the question.  If it wasn’t for family and some really amazing friends, getting through my 3-4 years away from home would’ve been impossible.  Even now the reason that coming home was even in the picture is due to money. Having to pay for everything out of your back pocket is expensive. Then of course you can’t miss out on having a social life and that’s even more expensive.  Before you know it, your bank is empty and that overdraft they give you is all gone. Your now in debt, can’t afford anything and to top it all off the job you enjoyed working at decided to let you go all because they don’t have enough hours to give out.  So moving home was a no brainer. My journey started the moment the thought occurred in my mind. There have been ups and major downs since but there’s nothing that I would change. To me it’s all an adventure, a life experience.  At times it may seem rough and you feel like you’re suffocating in your own mess but at the end of that there’s fresh air, a helping hand.  In my experiences so far in life there is always something or someone at the end of the tunnel to lend a helping hand, you just have to be brave enough to accept it.

The journey so far has been a little rough; I’ve moved three times in the space of a year due to money issues, had the police involved in a little incident, moved jobs 7 times in the past 3 years, been in and out of hospital and repeatedly gone to the doctors to get a few things checked out. Calling it a rough beginning is an understatement, but despite all of the drama and outings it has been an educational experience.  Through all of this, not once has a thought occurred in my head to give up, if anything it has given me the motivation to push through and fight for my dreams to become a reality.


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