Change of Plans

With just over a week left to go it never occurred to me that situations could change. This situation isn’t exactly a bad one just unexpected and places me in a position that would prefer to not be in. The family that was taking me in first to be they’re Au Pair is 3months pregnant. Therefore meaning they don’t need me as she has decided to stop working. Thus putting me into a position where a new family needs to be brought in, which is where things start to get a little hard. Going blindly into a family isn’t exactly the best; there’s no period of getting to know one another. It will be awkward and uncomfortable, that’s not really what anyone wants.

Building up the courage to tell the parents took some time.  I wasn’t planning on telling them until I had arrived in Oz but that would have been unfair and cruel to them. They are already concerned about the whole move and sprouting that on them at the last minute would’ve had them adamant on getting me back home.  So the courage had been built up and the chance to tell them was whilst my father was skyping.

There’s this feeling you get (the closer you come to going away or doing something that you’ve always wanted to do) as if you know something is about to change or go terribly wrong. With me all the planning, organising and all the reassurance gone to get the parents on my side has vanished.  The family however are being lovely as usual. They will stick pick me up from the airport and take me in until I feel comfortable and safe enough to go to another family. They’ve even started to message families on my behalf to help me out which is rather kind of them.  The only problem there is, is walking blindly into a stranger’s home. For months (only a few months) I’ve gotten to know this family, I feel comfortable and safe with them and to have that safety taken away is rather nerving.  This being said I have they’re word that they will not allow me to leave the safety of their home until I feel comfortable and safe enough to do so.

This journey and the tasks involved in it have 100% started and to be honest there’s a slight part of me that is anxious.

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