Country Girl meets Small Town Girl

One confusing weekend and a hangover later the country girl and small town girl collide. Being overdressed and spending the day trudging through mud is always an interesting experience. It’s rather surprising that no ankles were broken.  Being a country girl gives you an excuse to get covered in mud but also being a small town girl gives you an excuse to dress up and pamper yourself. Mixing the two by spending a whole day on a farm in fancy clothes is always the icing on the top. It makes for an intriguing story.

Photographing a farm is captivating. There is always so much going on that you’re not quite sure as to where to look. The purpose of the trip was to photograph a beautiful horse’s eyes. They are the most stunning ice blue eyes ever to be seen. It’s a shame the sun had vanished by the time it came to photograph them. The ones that were taken do them no justice. The fact that said photographer forgot her own camera does them no justice either.

Being able to stumble upon a beautiful surrounding where there is just you, the sound of the birds singing, the soft breeze gently brushing over you, the smell of recently sprouted blue bells and daffodils and just the pure feeling of peace is beyond words and explanation. Having just yourself, your friend and your camera occupying you for the day leads to some awkward encounters.

Whilst attempting to photograph a pile of logs, there are positions that you really don’t want to get into but need to do just to snap the perfect photo. In this case the position consisted of getting into ‘doggy style’; it was that or get covered in mud bear in mind wearing white whilst out and about is never a good option so ‘doggy style’ seemed like the perfect alternative. Except you don’t expect two young gentlemen to walk behind you starring at your ass being up in the air. My friend failed to warn me of their presence, resulting in a very awkward encounter.  The whole day involved being flat on the floor or in bizarre positions just to get a good picture (must warn you the photos taken this time round are not the greatest).

Bumping into people whilst on a trail is always pleasant, everyone says hi and says enjoy your day etc. It’s a shame you only ever get that whilst out and about in the countryside. Walking through the trees you bump into all sorts of people, some hostile some friendly; lucky for us we came across a lovely old man. The conversation started off with us talking about the weather, then his camera came out; same make as mine Nikon p900! Such a beautiful camera.  We discussed camera modes and what we both like to photograph then we got showed all of these amazing photos of birds and wildlife that he’d taken. They were incredible, unbelievably incredible. By the sounds of things he had never shown anyone these pictures until we came along, he was so happy and smiley about the whole thing; telling us the stories behind each picture and where he went to take them, who he was, what the weather was like that day. He spoke about his photography with so much joy and excitement.  As we spoke and listened to him, you could see how happy he was to be sharing these stories with us, to be having this conversation.  A good half an hour went by, by the time we realised it was time to go. To cherish the conversation a photo had to be snapped whilst he was occupied. Goodbyes were said but memories will last.

Before saddling Bailey the cows took my interest. This one specifically kept trying to suck my hand (she was hand fed due to her mother dying during birth) so every time you’d go to stroke her, she’d think it was feeding time. Cows captivate me for reasons outside of my reach but there is just something about them. They are beautiful creatures especially when they are young. Photographing this calf really was the highlight of the afternoon. Then of course there’s Bailey, the beautiful horse with the most mesmerising ice blue eyes ever. Those eyes are so captivating, they pull you in and honestly all you want to do is stare, especially when the sun is high the rays just bounce of his eyes making them even more fascinating than they already are.

Spending the day on the farm literally has been the icing on top of the cake after the weekend. It’s cleared my head and helped me come to terms with leaving and starting a new on the opposite side of the world. The last day out with my friend has been absolutely incredible.


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