Outback – First few days

All you can see is wasteland; everywhere you look is dry brown plain wasteland. There are a few houses dotted here and there, sheep grazing and that trees that look like lightning have hit them. Driving through deserted roads is rather relaxing and the views are nice to look at if you’re into that dreary look. It’s just gone 7.30am and we’re on way to the outback (bush) for the weekend. After a 28 hour journey to get here spending the weekend in the middle of nowhere sounds like heaven.The air is dry, the sky a light blue dotted with clouds that lightly brush the tops of hills… Piles of coal black debris sits scattered in a field, the smell of burning smoke hits your nose as cloudy smoke drifts into view.  Driving off the highway and back into no man’s land all that is now seen are trees. Leaning towards you as if to whisper in your ear whilst others weep silently in agony. They cast shadows onto the road creating an eerie look, occasionally letting the rays of the sun hit you. Homes are passed but they look those you see in old American films. Cabins with wooden chairs sat side by side accompanied with metal canisters by the legs.Occasionally we’d pass graveyards. Place randomly in the middle of nowhere; deserted yet haunted by the souls of those buried there. Being surrounded by trees it’s a miracle you can actually see what lays beyond the trees. They stand tall and pride as if protecting those asleep. It’s hitting noon and we’re not that far away now another hour and we’ll be there. Bouncing off the road is heat waves, throwing off a shimmer as they radiate off the tarmac.

Living with strangers is weird but staying at their friend’s house for the weekend is even weirder. Sitting outside surrounded by absolutely nothing except the presence of eight dogs and pure silence is heaven.  It makes coming out here even more spectacular than predicted.  For the first hour it seems awkward to be sitting with people that you don’t know but after awhile that awkwardness is broken and you feel free to be yourself. My weekend spent here in the outback has been extraordinary; met incredible people and had the time of my life. All weekend all we’ve eaten is BBQ food and drank ourselves silly. First afternoon there the shotguns were brought out and shot, for someone who used to be very good at shooting missing every single time makes you look silly; fortunately, they just laughed. That night the blokes took me hunting, whilst out and about they shot rabbits and killed a kangaroo. As one guy skinned a rabbit for the dog, another guy chopped off the legs of the roo for the other dogs back at the house.

Saturday came and to start the morning of a lovely breakfast was made and a hot shower was taken.  Heading into the afternoon a drinking challenge started; they said that English people couldn’t drink so naturally they needed to be taught differently. This led to me drinking beer (now I don’t drink beer, to me it tastes like piss) too much to my delight.  Sunbathing took over most of the morning and afternoon until the BBQ kick started. Myself and another girl had to like a paddy melon; apparently, it’s something all poms have to endure as part of their ‘initiation’. This melon isn’t exactly pleasant to lick but it had to be done.  Another afternoon of shooting was done and then a trip to snow drift (a massive sand dune) which is literally in the middle of nowhere.They took us to go see ‘the big tree’ it’s said in quotation marks as it wasn’t that big for some reason they’re really into it. It’s a good climbing tree, I’ll give them that.  Everything here in Australia is so damn far away! After watching people sledge down the dune, it was time to hit the pub (nothing like they are in England, and the service! O.M.G). After dinner, the ladies and children headed back home whilst I stayed to drink with the lads. Beer’s kept arriving at my side until they decided to switch it up and mix my drinks! One minute beer arrived the next rum, then a mud crab then a skittle and the bastards put vodka in my water, it got spat out everywhere (they found it rather amusing). To make matters worse after the skittle drink a trip to the toilet was needed, got to hand it to them they can bloody drink alright. Being the only one not of my rocker they let me drive home (bear in mind I’ve never driven a car in my life) which was great! First time for everything right? Being drunk and driving a stick for the first time is rather entertaining!  When we eventually got back to the house we all went back out with the guns, again killing a kangaroo and chopping its legs off (due to it being private land and them being pests it makes it slightly ok to kill them) to then having a bonfire.  Sunday came around far too quickly; it was a day of relaxing, soaking up the sun and saying goodbye to the people who have made my first 3 days in Australia the best 3 days of my life. It’s understandable as to why they live so far away from everyone and everything; it’s the most peaceful place ever.  Just before we left they got the quad bike so that they can show me how to drive it. Being my first time on one the host sat behind me with her daughter (biggest mistake she made); we went flying into a tree and the daughter fell, luckily enough her mother caught her just in time otherwise she would’ve been crushed.  I felt so bad, she told me to slow down so I did but the break didn’t work and she failed to mention to me that sometimes it tends to get stuck!!!! So off into this tree went and down the daughter fell. I hopped off and let her take her daughter back to get back on again and fly down the road without having to worry about hurting anyone else. Luckily she was just laughing about it, found it very amusing. They now call me crazy.

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