Au Pairing & Anzac Day

Looking after children is hard; whoever said it was easy was lying. They have got to be the most challenging unpredictable humans there are. Constantly changing their minds second after second, making loud noises and lots of mess. You clean it all up to turn around for just a second and in the blink of an eye it’s a mess again, half the time more messy than it was before! There’s no arguing with a child, you will never ever win. It’s impossible to win an argument with them it’s like pulling a tigers tail and getting away with it; no chance. Changing a nappy which you assume would be quite easy to do, ha wrong again. They wiggle around, touch their bums when you’re trying to wipe it as it’s covered in shit, so then you have to fight with them to stop them from touching you or anything else with their hands. They kick and squeal, stop you from fastening it, push your hands away. Literally they try to do anything to make your life that much harder than it already is. They want to eat everything you’re eating, the littlest just points and cries if you don’t share. As soon as one of them sees the other with a toy they go over and snatch it because it’s theirs and they want to play with it. Literally no winning when it comes to children. I wouldn’t change what I’m doing now for the world. These two boys are adorable; yes they have their tantrums and trust me you would rather be anywhere but with them when they do but I am hooked.

It’s been just over a week since arriving at the Waterhouse’s home, there have been days when all that is wanted is to hide under the covers and refuse to come out; there’s also been days when spending it with them has it made it worthwhile. Despite the tantrums, food throwing, constant sibling rivalry the good moments you get from spending 5 days a week with them is magic. They make you smile, laugh, cry, wish they’d hurry up and learnt manners, wish they’d stay this young forever and most importantly they show you what love is in a way that adults don’t know how to express anymore. If you have children of your own you’ll understand what I mean otherwise there’s not really a way to describe it, you have to be there to see it.  It makes you contemplate everything that you’ve said and done to your parents in recent years. There really is nothing more special than the love of a child.

Since my trip to the outback I have arrived in Sydney, Niagra Park with a loving family of four. Emma and Sam (husband and wife) and their beautiful adorable sons Judd (2) and Koah (1). Koah is easy to handle, you pick him up when he wants picking up, feed him when he wants food, change his nappy 3-4 times a day, point at pictures and repeat what it is. He even takes his nap and bedtime without kicking up a fuss, whereas Judd on the other hand likes to kick up a fuss all day long. The kicking up a fuss isn’t a problem it’s the tantrums and hitting that I’m not too sure of how to handle.  Emma takes care of that, which I am so grateful for.

There have been amazing times though; my first day officially on the job was Wednesday 19th April. Judd wanted to paint so of course the paints came out and Koah decided to eat it, his face and clothes were covered! Too much of my delight; mortified doesn’t even begin to describe how I felt.  Emma comes out and just laughs at me; apparently my face looked as if it was in shock, she just carried on laughing and said it was non toxic so ok for him to do it. Didn’t think she realised that he was actually grabbing handfuls and shoving it in his mouth. Judd on the other hand was oblivious to all of this.

We’ve made masks and baubles, spent a day out in Sydney (the whole family) met Emma’s dad and fiancé, ate at China Town (highly recommend it). Went on a carousel, spinning tea cups and got stuck in traffic with two hyperactive kids. Took them both to the petting zoo which Judd absolutely adored, he was so excited running around and screeching with joy. Koah was a little shy, the only animal he would pet or feed was the guinea pigs. They are obsessed with Thomas the tank engine so all day if we don’t go out they bring me books to read of play with the toy trains. They crack me up every single day, climbing on my back, jumping on me when I’m sat down, Koah demanding to be picked up all the time, Judd with his sly remarks. I couldn’t off asked for a better family to invite me to be a part of their family.

Tuesday the 25th was Anzac day (Australian Remembrance Day for those who haven’t heard of it) Sam stayed at home and looked after the children whilst Emma and I went on the piss all day. It was epic! Everyone was pretty much smashed by the time we had arrived due to the dawn service which started at 5am (I think)? So pretty much after that everyone was drinking. There’s this betting game that they are only allowed to place on this day due it being illegal (bets are taxed in Australia) called Two Up.  Watching this game was so much fun, I’ve never seen so many people get in a circle to bet. It’s silly to watch and makes absolutely no sense to me (it’s easy to understand etc) but from what I’ve been told the diggers (soldiers) used to do it back in the day whilst drinking rum and milk. Met a guy (cliché) who wants to take me out for dinner and drinks. He also claims that on Anzac day I was an undercover hot? No idea what that actually means but hey I’ll take it.

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