Land of Oz

It has been two months or so since stepping foot in the beautiful land of Australia. So far it has blown me away; the views that have been seen are just incredible. They are absolutely spectacular and it is safe to that this country has stolen my heart. My first weekend here spent in the outback was just incredible and every weekend since has been pretty much the same. Life in Oz just seems a thousand times better than it is back home. It would be nice to have some friends back home here with me but honestly being here by myself is the best thing that could’ve been done. Travelling isn’t for everyone, some people are happy with staying in one country and never seeing the world but that isn’t me; I’m an expat and a pom.

The first few weeks spent with the Waterhouse’s all that was wanted was to stay in and save money.  At first living with complete strangers feels so weird but after a while, you build this bond, an understanding and all the weirdness and tension evaporates. As cliché as it is you eventually start to become a part of the family. The family are amazing and ridiculously hilarious; every now and then they have funny tiffs where they ask for opinions, it’s entertaining to pick a different side each time they ask. A few weekends were spent with them, having a little day trip around Sydney and since then just chilling at home which has been very pleasant. Since finding my feet, weekends away have been planned and trips have been organised.

Facebook has come in very handy for finding/arranging/meeting new people.  The third weekend in an arrangement had been made to meet a bunch of other Au Pairs in Sydney, about 14 of us met up, did all the normal touristy stuff. Went to the opera house, botanic gardens and then to the harbour bridge where we went to Blackbird for happy hour from 3-6 where we met another couple of girls. On that day there were girls from Canada, America, Netherlands, New Zealand, and England. Everyone went home around 4/5 so four of us ended up staying out and one drink turned into about 20. One of the girls got kicked out of Tokyo, another place wouldn’t said person in which she wasn’t happy about so we ended up back at one of the girl’s house where a party was currently going on. It was a bloody good night. It was decided a few weeks after this that a weekend spent in Bondi was needed, this weekend went from one amazing night to a terrible night. Well, terrible probably isn’t the word but it went from having a laugh to being in a hospital. It’s hard to explain as to what actually happened as much isn’t really remembered but it went from having a good time drinking away as you do to sitting outside, throwing up and having a panic attack. An ambulance was called and a couple of hours it dropped two of us off at the hospital. An hour so later said person was discharged; luckily it was nothing serious but it could’ve been. Since that night drinking has been off the cards, especially when out and about. People believe the drink was spiked but others say no one went near the drinks. All in all, it was a rather scary experience, being in a foreign country with strangers and not being able to breathe properly for a few hours isn’t really what you want to tell the rents when you eventually get a hold of them. There are some saying that drinking shouldn’t be put off just because of one little incident, but it’s not being put off because of that, it’s been put off because it never really appealed to said person to drink it and that incident is one of the too many incidents that have happened since being back on the piss. People can judge and criticize and say that said person is over exaggerating but honestly it feels so much better to just have a glass or bottle of beer once in a blue moon than every blooming weekend.

The weekend before or after that not quite sure which one, a trip up to the Gold Coast happened. This trip happened due to having family friends there that hadn’t been seen since being 5 years old. That’s a bloody long time not to see someone and it’s safe to the say the tears came streaming when seeing them again. It was a lovely relaxing weekend, catching up on everything’s that happened, listening to stories about my parents, life in Saudi and their two weddings. The evening of arrival a bottle of champagne was cracked open and a trip down memory lane began. Staying up till 2 am sharing stories and memories were just incredible. All of us were overwhelmed and thrilled to of had the opportunity to see one another again, after about 16 years it was pure bliss to catch up. The weather the following day was horrendous, it absolutely pounded it down but it didn’t really stop us from taking the dog for a walk on surfer’s paradise beach or from grabbing a coffee up along the beach. On Sunday we mostly stayed in, enjoying each other’s company. Saturday night came along far too quickly and they had arranged for all of their closest and most beloved friends to come over for a bbq just to introduce them to me. That blew me away, not seeing these guys for so long and they were introducing me to everyone as if I was some sort of celebrity. It was a truly unforgettable weekend.

At the beginning of this trip it was thought that luck had brought me to Australia but looking out the window and thinking about it, everything happens for a reason right? Whether or not you believe in the hypothesis that things happen for a reason, me being in Australia is for a reason and one that is yet to be fully discovered. Everything seems so better, health is better, stress-free, confidence is through the roof and most importantly happier. The past few months have been outstanding, meeting the Waterhouse’s family getting drunk with them, meeting new people, exploring Sydney and its surrounds and even finding farm work. From September to get my second-year visa 88 days of rural farm works needs to be undertaken and from searching and applying for weeks finally someone got back to me and I shall be working on an oyster farm down in Narooma. It’s a bit of a coincidence as to how right now the street where we live is on Narooma Road and the farm that has offered me a place is in Narooma? What are the odds of that ever happening? Very peculiar.

So far the land of Australia has offered me everything, this is the place where dreams are dreamt and come true, it’s the land of adventure, promises, and independence. It’s given me courage, confidence, friends, family and much much more; words mean nothing to what this land has offered so far.


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