Views to remember – Blue Mountains

Rico invited me and Bec’s to spend the day up in the Blue Mountains one weekend so off we went with a couple other girlfriends; Rachel and Sarah. Catching the train we arrived two hours later at Katoomba train station where Rico stood waiting. Once off the platform and a quick look at the map we were on our way. Crossing over the road, the paths towards Katoomba lead us down a straight road for around 5-10 minutes before turning right. At this point, you had the choice to go either of two ways, straight on towards Katoomba falls or left towards Echo Point and the three sisters. After a quick decision, the falls was the first stop.

Walking up this little trail to get to the look out, the views were just beyond extraordinary. The word breathtaking could be used but that word is beginning to be used far too much in my blog posts. Katoomba falls, on the other hand, was rather disappointing, it was like a little sprinkle of water going over a cliff, not much of it. We were expecting something magnificent due to how much others go on about it, you couldn’t even call it a waterfall; we saw a much better, beautiful waterfall further along the day. Five minutes were spent at Katoomba falls before backtracking and heading along towards Echo Point.

On the walk to Echo Point, we came across a little lookout point, overlooking the Blue Mountains. This lookout point happened to be on the edge of a cliff but being the idiot that I am a photo shoot had to happen meaning sitting on this edge. Which was rather spine-tingling. The others were a little bit shocked as to how easy it was for me to sit on this edge, a couple had come up behind us and even they seemed shocked by it all. After convincing the others that this edge wasn’t as bad as they were making out they all got photos before we carried on along to Echo Point. Once arriving there you could see the three sisters standing tall. A lot of tourists were around so rather hard to get decent photos without being pushed or shoved but surprisingly the ones that were taken turned out pretty alright. Finished taking photos it was time for lunch so headed into one of the restaurants that’s at the top before continuing our way down to the three sisters.

DSCN0095 (2).JPG

The Three Sisters are just three rock formations; it wouldn’t surprise me if they vanished in the next 50 years or so. But even so, impressive to see them still standing after so many years. You can go down this awful steep stairs to stand under the first sister and there’s a sign to let you know that rock climbing etc is now banned from the rocks due to erosion. Legend speculates that they were once real sisters who were part of the Katoomba tribe who fell in love with three brothers from Nepean tribe but the marriage was forbidden due to tribal law. According to the legend, these three brothers were not happy with the law and plotted a plan to capture the sisters in order to marry them. Due to this a major tribe battle had begun and because of this the witch doctor as he was known by cast a spell turning the sisters into stone as to protect them from the battle. The witchdoctor was the only one who could turn them back but he was killed. Therefore leaving the sisters sitting quietly in rock formation as a reminder of the battle.

Another legend is that Tyawan their father turned them into stone to protect them against Bunyip and in Bunyips anger Tyawan turned himself into a Lyre Bird dropping his magical bone and legend foretells that if you listen carefully you can still hear the Lyre bird as it is believed he is still in search of this magical bone to transform his daughters back to their original selves. But these are just speculated legends; some believe the rocks were just formed by land erosion which is more of the logical story behind it.


Moving on, down at the three sisters there were another bunch of stairs that lead you down where you could go in either two directions; left into the forest or right to follow the trail back to Katoomba Falls. After speaking to a lovely old man at the top of these stairs he gave insight into the trail going left, telling us how long it would take and what was down there to see. So left we went and no joke literally half an hour into this trek this man came running back!!! It takes around 1.5 – 2 hours to walk and this old man had run it in half an hour; safe to say we were gobsmacked.  Another half an hour or so we bumped into these two guys who were telling us which direction they had come in and what was there.  So taking their advice and this old man’s advice we headed off in that direction coming across a beautiful waterfall.


A couple of photographers were there with all their fancy gear photographing the water; think we interrupted them but oh well. Before seeing the actual waterfall as it was hidden from the path there was this lovely little spot with a rock in the middle of the water where myself and Rachel took some photos as it was too good of an opportunity. We must’ve spent about an hour at this waterfall just taking pictures and catching our breath before having to walk up the 800 steps or so. Eventually after all the stops to catch our breath going up these steps we made it back to the train station.  This day trip had been unbelievable; everything about it, the views, and the people that came with us just made this the perfect get away.

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