A day spent drinking – Hunter Valley

The 29th of July was a day of drinking and being silly. Adam picked us up at the corner of Kippax and Elizabeth Street at 6.45am waiting 5 minutes for the last minute arrivals before heading on our way to Hunter Valley. The morning journey was rather pleasant and interesting compared to the other trips where everyone just wants to fall asleep. This one everyone was up singing and chatting away which was rather nice.  Chatting away to Adam, Bec’s and I were telling him about our Blue Mountains trip and which route we took. We got talking about his dreams for his business and where he’d like to be in the next couple of years. About an hour or so into the journey he got pulled over by the police. Now the police in Australia are ridiculously strict, they pull you over for shit that we poms wouldn’t even think twice about. So here we are at the side of the motorway with a police officer chatting away to Adam and getting him to blow into the breathalyser. This in all was rather amusing for the rest of us; the morning had taken an interesting turn.

Two hours later we had arrived at our first stop; Tamburlaine which makes organic wines. We were taken into a room to do our first lot of tasting with our host Mitch. Who thought he was hilarious and kept making jokes (he wasn’t too bad ha). From the top of my mind, one of the first things Mitch said was that he enjoys all the fine girls that Adam brings around; the first compliment of the day goes to us all! The first wine we tasted was a 2016 Blanc de Blanc sparkling and then the Scarlett Bubbles named after the owner’s daughter. Once the sparkling wines were out of the way it was onto the whites.  There were five whites for us try; the 2016 Sauvignon Blanc, 2016 Verdelho Semillon, 2017 Gewurztraminer which was a new release next was the 2015 Chardonnay which gave me the chills as if someone had just walked over my grave and last but not least was the 2014 Late Harvest Riesling (sweet) which was not sweet in a good way! Whilst everyone was finishing off the last drops of white wine Mitch brought out the rose.  During one of the tasters one of the American girls Leah called the wine ‘Ratchett’ and not listening properly it was misheard as ‘Ratshit’. So we walked away with a new saying ‘Ratchett girls are Ratshit’.

DSCN0224 (2)

There was only one rose for us to try which was the 2017 Petite Fleur Rose. As a joke, he was calling it the ‘Bad ass Rick Ross rose’, ‘call it brose –don’t freeze it and call it Frose’. Apparently, this is the most Bogan thing you could do it. After a little chatter and Mitch telling me that I had just flashed him the red wine was left to be tasted.  So out came the first bottle to try and this was the 2016 GSM (Grenache/Shiraz/Merlot). Carrying on with his bizarreness this is the fresh shave, clean sheets kind of wine; if you know what that means. Next and last was the 2016 Full house ‘date wine, bring two might get lucky or pass out’ as Mitch put it.  As we thought that was the last one, no one was expecting the Muscat. This was the type of wine you’d have with dessert or on your pancakes as it’s that sweet, tastes like honey but has a sharper sweeter taste to it.  Before leaving it was our chance to buy the wine for $17 a bottle rather than paying the full price which was around $22-$25. So as no one could resist themselves I ended up with three bottles; the Scarlett Bubbles, 2016 Verdelho Semillon, and the 2016 Full House. These wines were all organic so don’t panic!!!

After a quick pit stop and photo shoot we all headed back onto the mini bus on our way to our second winery; Moorebank, private vineyard. As we walked up to this it looked like a cabin surrounded by beautiful hill tops and scenery but as you walked closer and went inside you could see that it was a very classic old winery. The room next to us was where they made the wine, and in the middle of the room was an old fashioned grape crusher or something along those lines, we all got a little distracted by the Kelpie that came running up to us as we sat down. The saying they have at this place is ‘wine you enjoy with food you enjoy’. I’m not quite sure as to how many wines we tasted at this place but the ones remembered are; the 2015 Press room white S.C.G, 2014 Shiraz Viognier which was a red and white wine mix, 15% of this was red. Then there was the 2015 Moore-Scato which is not a bottle fermented wine and has 6%alcohol in it and last but not least was the 2014 Truman’s Late Harvest Semillon. After the wines, we were given what is believed to be a tart with a spicy apple topping.  The setting of this vineyard was lovely so was the presentation but the wine tasting just didn’t last that long and seemed to be lacking fun. Adam believes it was because the lady was nervous as this was the first time going here. It was rather nice, to be honest just needed that extra little boost! The views and Kelpie helped it though. We stayed there for lunch before moving onto the brewery.

Arriving at Potters Brewery we came across the most disgusting stretch pink hummer ever. It’s a known fact that hummers don’t look nice when they’re stretched, and having a bright pink just isn’t classy in any way shape or form. Moving on we went inside the brewery where a young lady gave us an insight as to how beer is made and what the three main ingredients are; grain (mostly malted barley), hops and yeast (and of course water). The brewery itself was rather small but interesting to look around and to learn something new. Once the little tour and presentation was over it was finally time to drink some beer!!! Only a few of us were excited to drink beer so the lucky ones like myself got some extra beers due to some girls not liking the stuff.  At this point, Adam had wandered back to the bus to sleep whilst the rest of us soaked up the sun and drank. Time flew by too quickly and it was time to head back onto the bus to go to the chocolate factory where some chocolate fudge was bought and ice creams were tasted. After the chocolate factory was the cheese factory. Due to staying on the bus and chatting away I didn’t get a chance to see it but the talk was worth the miss.  40 minutes later everyone had arrived back on the mini bus and it was time to head home.

Doing these weekend trips are always enjoyable but this was has to got to be the favourite so far. Who doesn’t enjoy drinking all day and acting silly?! With our bellies full of alcohol and junk food it was definitely time to head home and sleep it all off.  The drive home was uneventful and about 2 and a bit hours later we had ended up back where we started. These trips are always a treat and enjoyed deeply. Again the trips are organised by Adam himself and you can find out more information on his Facebook page; https://www.facebook.com/groups/441700579364311/, AUSSIE DAY TRIPS, SOCIAL EVENTS & TRAVEL MATES.

DSCN0307 (2)

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