A Day In The Valley


These past few weekends have been incredible, an afternoon spent at the Chinese gardens, two weeks away, a trip to the Blue Mountains, Hunter Valley and now a trip to Kangaroo Valley. There’s nothing that would rather be done than going away on weekends with a fabulous group of people exploring the outskirts of Sydney. This trip was somewhat challenging but extremely rewarding.

As usual, we got on the minibus between 6.45 and 7 am. Leaving moments after Adam’s itinerary speech we set off towards Kangaroo Valley. As done on every other trip music gets played, conversations get going and the atmosphere goes from awkward to comfortable. A notepad goes round for those on the bus to write down whatever songs they want one and a new playlist is set up. Every time going on these trips, the routes taken are beautiful (minus the motorway). Two hours into the journey we turn up at this kayaking place on the left-hand side of the road just over this bridge. Shoes and clothes got changed and water bottles got filled up before putting on the life jackets and dragging the 2 man kayaks down to the river. Dragging is used as my gosh these kayaks were hard to carry. Not entirely because they were heavy but because all you had to hold on to was an awful rope handle. Talk about rope burn….

A quick photo was taken before getting into the river. For about 5 minutes it took me and Bec’s a little while to figure out to work as a team in this 2 man kayak (never been in a 2 man one before) doing 360’s instead of going forwards was rather amusing. As soon as we got the hang of it we were off. There were another two kayaks in front of us, two of the girls were Brazilian and the other two were Canadian. Before actually stepping foot into the river we got told that it would take two hours and that once we got outside of the secluded area we’d hit winds of up to 60mph (95kmp). So off we went, finally managing to work together we overtook everyone except these four girls who were crushing it! The Dutch girls that came with us were keeping a nice steady pace behind us before 2 of the girls half capsized. They seemed to of gotten stuck going between some rocks and instead of moving the kayak they just decided to get out and look helpless. To be honest, these other girls that came with, were rather rude and didn’t really seem like they wanted to get to know anyone; which is the whole point of these trips. Anyway so they got stuck or whatever behind us, by this point we’d caught up to the Canadians girl ending up going the wrong way. It was technically the wrong way just there was an easy way that would’ve saved us having to get out and drag the kayak over rocks. At this point a certain someone needed to wee… not classy having a wee where everyone can see you…

After hitting these rocks the winds belted into us, if you stopped rowing for 2 seconds you got dragged backward. It got to the point where songs were getting sung and this silly side decided to come out just to try and keep our spirits up. It worked for the most part until the wind created these mini tidal waves soaking us through. Eventually, we made it to the point B; dragging the kayaks through sinking side up to the road wasn’t exactly what you’d call fun. Everyone was cold wet and miserable, but if the opportunity had presented itself, doing the kayaking again would’ve been a straight yes!  As cold and wet as it was, it was a load of fun and a pretty damn good workout.  Half an hour later everyone was out, dried and changed back into clean clothes; whilst all of this was happening Wally the Wallaby decided to pop over and say hi. Pictures got taken with him whilst Adam set up the food station. From what is remembered we got served bread rolls with a choice of meat, salad and a whole bunch of sauces; oh also provided us with packets of crisps (or chips as they call them for some very odd reason). Probably an hour later everything was packed away and back on the bus as it headed towards the next part of the trip. Trekking up this little hill, to see the sites; the walk was decent, probably took about 10 minutes to get to the top but once you’re up at the top you are literally taken away by what you can see.

Staying at the top to take all of these photos there are these stones welded into chairs, now they look cool and would be a great photo to get by sitting on them but if you look underneath them, there is absolutely nothing holding them up but the tiniest bit of rock. If anyone with a heavyweight went to sit on that rock, there’d be no chance of seeing them again; those rocks look like they will just collapse at any moment.  Leaving the hill we made our way into Kiama; a quick stop for ice-cream and coffee before going to see the ‘famous’ blowhole. In all fairness that day, not a lot was blowing as the sea was rather calm so there’s no point saying how amazing it was etc because honestly, it was rather dull. Photos were taken but there are bound to be much better places to see a blowhole than at Kiama. By the time everyone had looked around and done what they wanted to do the bus was back to being filled and with the engine rolling it was time to head home.

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