Wedding Cake Rock

On the 12th of August a small bunch of us girls finally got our arses into gear and went on a trip to the royal national park in Bundeena. This trip had been discussed on various occasions but never went through until finally one weekend it did. To get to Bundeena it involved having to get a two hour train down from the central coast to Sydney to then catch another train to Cronulla which was an extra 45 minutes to then meet up with the girls to get on the ferry to take us across. The original plan was to meet at Sydney station but the train from up the coast was delayed; this wasn’t a good start to the morning, not only did we (Shara and I) have to get up at 5am, we had to sit outside in the cold for about an hour due to the delay. It was decided if the other train didn’t turn up there would be no way that we would actually continue going.

Eventually hours later than expected the train come to a halt at Cronulla. Bec’s sent us her location so google maps came out; 10 minutes later we came across the girls sitting outside the pavilion. A quick change of clothes and a few sips of water saw us on our way towards the docks. Once everyone was settled a man came round to give us a ticket; costing only a few dollars. 20 minutes to half an hour later our feet touched land across the water. Walking up the hill there was two routes that we could take: A) being the shortcut (the most taken route or B) the scenic ocean route. B was the decider. Walking across the beach in trainers (or runners as the Australian call them) is never easy, and it’s even less easy for those that haven’t hiked before. Past the beach you walk along the cliff face where all you can see is either the bush or the ocean going on for miles. Up ahead say 10 minutes off the beach you come across a sign saying ‘Nude beach’ with an arrow pointing straight on. Round the bend we go and come across this nude beach although why it’s called a beach is beyond me. It’s just cliff after cliff and one old man laying down baring all; not something you expect to see on a Saturday morning.


Walking for another 15 minutes the path starts to change into sand… now sand as said before is hard to walk on as it is, but when it’s uphill my gosh does it just make it that little bit harder. Your calves feel like they are on fire. Don’t get me wrong it’s a good work out for your legs, you can feel it working more than going to the gym. Half up through the walk a mate of mine started to lag behind whilst the rest of us (especially me) were just storming off. Coming to a halt to wait for her and asking the others to do so too was pretty pointless, they either heard and chose to ignore or just didn’t hear me, either way with them just carrying on knowing that the two of us were lagging behind was a little frustrating. Bringing a new friend into a circle of friends already is always going to be hit and miss but in this case it was neither hit nor miss. When they got talking it was great but when it came to hiking with her, there was no chance.  Regardless of that walking along this trail was pretty relaxing, we had black parrots squawking above our heads, birds fluttering to and from flowers, the sky was clear with a nice soft breeze just brushing ever so slightly across your skin. The best part of the trail was that there was no one in front or behind. It was just us six.

Fifteen minutes later the two of us joined the main trail, the other girls were long gone at this point. Heading up in the direction of everyone else we spotted those four coming out of the restrooms, ignoring us except for a quick hello they were gone again. Leaving the two of us behind; this actually suited us fine as it gave us a chance to catch up on the past few months that we hadn’t seen each other.  This trail was a lot different to the one just walked, it turned into stone and cliffs. There was this man made walkway pretty much all the way to the rock; guessing to make it easier. Catching up with the girls we stopped at the fence surrounding the rock that a couple of us had been dying (not literally) to see. Throwing our packs and jackets onto the other side we launched ourselves over, helping those who needed it. From where we stood, the rock didn’t look at all that interesting but we waited in line to go to the edge you could just see the drop. Finally getting to us we got a couple of group photos with me sitting right on the edge whilst the others sat as close to safety as they could. When it was time to get individual photos you got a chance to look right over the edge, now this in itself is thrilling yet chilling. Knowing that the part you’re sat on is literally holding on by a thread, you’re adrenaline kicks in giving you that extra energy to be as daring as you can, aka sitting on the edge as much as you dare and looking over.

After the photo shoot was done and over with the two of us headed home whilst the other four continued on to the beach. If we didn’t have to go all the way back to the central coast we would’ve stayed with them, but when you live so far away from everything you have to compromise on things. To be fair going home when we did was actually pretty good timing, the weather had started to change and go cold, by the time our feet touched the front door it was pitch black and ridiculously cold. Making something quick for dinner we headed to bed and before we even got a good night in, the only movement in that room was our chests going up in rhythm with our heartbeats.

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