Port Stephens

The first time going to Port Stephens was fantastic, but going a second time with a bunch of people you know and that you’ve personally invited to come along made the day perfect. From snapping away with the kangaroos, sand boarding to setting up the bbq. Having everyone you enjoy spending time with come together as one big group and with them, all getting along just makes the day incredible. Having a laugh with Adam as per usual on the way down, chatting away telling him all that’s happened since he last saw me kind of sets the day up for being a good one. Unlike last time the bus was full, half of it made up of strangers whilst the other half were those that we knew.  To begin with, Adam did his daily morning speech giving out all of the details whilst we sat in silence waiting for the music and for him to shut up and drive. Once the bus was in motion, Sydney became a spec in the rearview mirror, the music got played for us to sing along to and conversations or snoring got shared.

The first stop was Morrisset Park (this would be the last time that Adam stopped there) most of those on the bus had never actually seen a wild Kangaroo so some got pretty excited. Photos got taken, squeals got let out and after 5 minutes of snapping photos to put on my blog, it was back to the bus with Long. A few of the girls came back, stopping to snap some more photos of the kangaroos that came hopping towards us. Meeting the tour guide at the bus, a conversation got started about cracking backs, so onto his stomach he went, shoes came off and with Long holding onto my arm as my feet go up and down on his back, hearing and feeling his back crack. Five minutes later everyone was back on the bus, the music got turned up, conversation flowed as the sun shone brightly.

Not long after the bus rocked up at Anna’s Bay, a quick toilet break and a drive on the sand, the bus finally came to a Holt. Splitting into two groups, one group to go camel riding whilst the other group was to go sand-boarding. Picking sand-boarding we rocked up to the sand dune, taking a board in our hands a couple of photos got taken before being the designated one to show how it was done. Luckily enough there was no face planting or falling off. A few tries later and it was time to head onto the big slope; due to accidents, we had to sit down going whereas on the small slope we had the choice of either standing up or sitting down. Rachel didn’t want to have to go as she was off to America in a couple of week’s time so she was on photographer duty. Setting up my tripod and camera down at the bottom she got snapping away. Once everyone had, had enough of sand-boarding, we walked to the top of this other slope to get a couple of group photos done before heading back to the van where we met up with Adam and the rest of the group.

Our next stop would be Port Stephens well Shoal Bay where Adam got Bec and I to jump out and go secure two outdoor bbq’s and get them started.  The group arrived 5 minutes later with food to be cooked, sausages, chicken and some kangaroo for us to all try; oh and some weird veggie burgers which took the absolute Mickey to cook especially when we only had one set of tongs. Finally, lunch was served and all but one munched away. Long had decided to go off to the Thai that his friend had recommended. Safe to say he loved it! Cleaning down the bbq’s and packing everything away we hopped back onto the van to be driven down a few feet away to get back off to climb up Mount Tomaree. At this stage, Adam had to venture back up towards where we’d just left as two members of the group had gone missing (say missing they just couldn’t be bothered to tell us where they had gone). As always the views from the top of Tomaree are breathtaking. Nothing beats a good late afternoon looking across at the ocean as whales pop up every now and then. Soon enough though it was time to leave; yet another wonderful afternoon had been spent with a great bunch of people. A sign the weekend was nearly over and soon back to work it was.

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