This will be my first blog ever, so it goes without saying it’s going to be shambles to begin with, so bear with, eventually throughout the many trial and errors it’ll right itself and those of you who are willing to be patient will stick by me till the end. That being said it’s time to introduce myself (well introduce my post). I’m probably one of those cliché people who dream of travelling the world and starting a blog, in this case you’re correct.  But who honestly hasn’t dreamt of what life is like outside of their four walls?

There’s this feeling inside me like someone’s wrapped a rope around me and is pulling on it. A bit like tug of war, you try so hard to not fall flat on your face so you put all your strength and effort in to staying upright. Well fortunately for me this is a different tug of war, it’s a war between my heart and family. It’s a war between settling down and following my dreams.  Pleasing family is in everyone’s nature, there’s a handful of us who go against they’re wishes and expectations. Being one of those who goes against those expectations is hard to begin with but with all things life goes on, people move on and new expectations are brought up. Like those before and those before them, following a dream is tough at the beginning and with time it hopefully becomes easier. I’m at the beginning of this time.  So like many others I’m in the cliché group of travelling and catching dreams; ready to learn and make tons of mistakes along the way. I’m just a small town girl with a dream of globetrotting the world and it will be accomplished, even if time becomes against me, if faith is faithful it will happen.

This isn’t going to be one of those blogs just about travelling; it’s going to be about finding myself, life here in England, the bad times and the good times and love.  The first post is called ‘The beginning of the beginning’. It’s been named this due to the pure fact that it is the beginning of finding out who I am.